nfl game
July 14, the Sports Media Watch website 2012 American sporting events ratings charts top50, "Super Bowl" to the number of viewers of 47% of the ratings and billions of dollars ahead of any rival, the first 10 games are NFL events.

Ranked the highest non-NFL game is the college football BCS final against by the traditional despotic University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, ranked only the 13th highest-ranked NBA game is the first five games of the Finals, the ratings just over 10 %, compared with some of the NFL regular season even worse a lot, even from the audience wait to see the Pro Bowl has always been # 31, the ratings are higher than almost all of the NBA Eastern and Western finals, MLB All-Star Race is the highest ratings of the alliance tournament, than the NFL "Pro Bowl" ranked five, NHL does not have any game into this list.

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